Toonatized is a British animated action-adventure comedy series for adults. It follows the adventures of Sammy, Adam and Feenick as they explore a world full of hoaxes, scams and pseudoscience as well as featuring a large ensemble of characters who both help and hinder them. With rude slapstick humour and a zany animation style, Toonatized is a unique blend of both silly and serious.


The Animation Process

How is modern 2D animation made?

There are numerous different ways of producing animation today. For Toonatized, we use digital frame-by-frame hand drawn animation, this is very similar to how cartoons were traditionally made decades ago, except instead of drawing on paper and painting on acetate sheets called cels, we draw directly into the computer using a graphics tablet.

Below, you can see the pipeline we will use for our future animation production. This is best viewed on a larger screen.